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Whispering Winds Family Campground

Whispering Winds Family Campground

Overlooking the Winding Shubenacadie River
The Shubenacadie River leads from the world famous Bay of Fundy to the the deep water port of Halifax Harbour. On its winding way through the middle of the province of Nova Scotia, it changes from a turbulent, tidal river, to a more placid, chocolate brown water-way.
Once used with its own canal system for shipping, it remains today as a vital part of the area’s economy and ecology, delivering fresh water, silt, and nutrients, and providing many recreational activities. River rafting, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing are just some other important tourism activities centering on the river.
Whispering Winds has waterfront access and offers spectacular views of the river as it makes its way through fields, under highways and railways, and past villages and towns on its winding way to the big city by the sea.
You will feel removed from the busy pace of outside life as you stroll along a river that rolls on regardless.

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14201 Highway 215

Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia

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